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This is longevity based health care, reimagined.

Affordable IV Infusions Therapies We Offer

DripDok infusions and hydration offers a variety of at-home services, please see below:


Our bodies’ NAD stores decrease with age and chronic illnesses. As NAD levels drop, cells become sluggish, signs of aging processes increase, and oxidative stress begins taking its toll as toxins progressively accumulate in cells. IV NAD supplementation boosts levels of this coenzyme to support your health at the cellular level.


Peptide Therapy

Every treatment plan is roadmapped around want you are wanting to acheive. We use multiple, advanced technologies to acheive this. Wheter its regrowing telomeres, improving mitocondria metabolism, weight managment, tissue healing, and more - we have over 100 cutting edge peptides that will be expertly crafted by our US doctor for you.


We provide IV treatments with fluids, vitamins and antioxidants for wellness and recovery. We aren't a broken record, in the sense many clinics simply remix the same compounds and rebrand. We take pride in making sure that the doctor fully understands your healthcare needs and address appropriately.

Cerebrolysin Therapy

Cerebrolysin has been proven to have neurotrophic action similar to nerve growth factors, which cause peripheral and central neuronal stimulation. It improves efficiency within the brain’s aerobic metabolic processes and improves intracellular peptide synthesis. The neuroprotective properties of this nootropic agent help to shield neurons from lactocidosis to prevent formation of free radicals. It has been used for treating stroke, traumatic brain injury, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. Read on to learn more about the benefits and side effects of this peptide.

Powerful NAD+ Detox

Addiction is a terrible disease, and relapse is a common symptom of recovering from addiction. NAD therapy has been shown to help you get your life back on track and stay off drugs for good! it will help to reduce the withdrawal symptoms that lead to relapse. Furthermore, NAD IV therapy supports cellular repair to undo the damage caused by drug use.

Maintenance Plans & Group Discounts

If 2 or more poeple plan treatments at the same time at the same villa we provide a 20% discount on everyones treatment. If you refer someone let us know and you will get $150 in treatment credits or cash.

The Only NAD+ IV Therapy in Bali & Jakarta

The Importance of Cellular Health and NAD+ IV Therapy
Aging, detoxification, cognitive improvement, sleep disruption, overtraining, sun exposure, and chronic illness affect cellular health.

Please note that the items below are to give you an idea of how programs are structured.  You are an individual.   

Our doctor will speak to you and tailor a program that is specific to you.


Single Infusion

$ 350
  • 250 mg NAD+
  • Myers Cocktail (Each Infusion)
  • Zofran & Metformin


3 Day Protocol

$ 1500
  • 3 x 500 mg NAD+
  • Myers Cocktail (Each Infusion)
  • Zofran & Metformin
  • Sodium Citicoline
  • B12
  • Glutathione


5 Day Protocol

$ 2700
  • 1 x 1000 mg, 4 x 500 mg NAD+
  • Myers Cocktail (Each Infusion)
  • Zofran & Metformin
  • Sodium Citicoline
  • B12
  • Cerebrolysin 10 ml


7-14 Days Depending On Severity

. Request
  • Dosage Patient Dependant
  • Myers Cocktail (Each Infusion)
  • Highly Discreet

Highly Researched, Powerful Benefits

By the time we’re over 40 years, NAD+ declines. By 60, we can lose up to 50% of our NAD+. 

NAD+ supplements may support the SIRT 1 pathway to delay the onset of aging.

DripDok specializes in custom made protocols for you.  The above menu items are to give you an idea of how we can approach things.  However, everyone is an individual and our doctor will listen to your concerns and tailor a program fit for you.

With its ability to bypass the intestines and liver, IV infusion of vitamins and minerals may seem like the latest craze, but a Johns Hopkins physician developed the famous Myers Cocktail almost 60 years ago, and NAD+ IV infusions were first used in the 1960s.

NAD+ IV anti-aging infusions are a favorite in markets like Miami, New York, Phoenix, Sarasota, and in California. Because NAD+ IV infusions work so well to prevent aging, IV infusions are on the rise for other conditions like autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, and for increased energy or physical performance.

I’d been prescribing NAD+ for my patients in oral form, but with the revival of NAD+ in IV infusion therapy, I knew our patients would benefit more if we offered it intravenously.  When you take NAD+ supplements, you rarely feel a boost, but if you get it through an IV infusion patients experience a lift in mood and wellbeing.  With myself, and our patients who receive NAD+ IVs, the results are immediate. Most are more mentally alert, yet relaxed; energized and less tired, but not wired.

NAD+ for IV infusion uses synthetic ß-Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It’s considered safe when administered slowly over 4-6 hours. Adverse reactions include stomach cramping and headache when the drip is too fast. Average dosages range from 250 to 1000 mg, with a safe range not exceeding 1,500 mg per day.

NAD+ IV treatment protocols vary depending on your specific health needs.

Do you want to live long but healthy? People are living longer, but that doesn’t mean healthier. Supplementing with NAD is fundamental for healthy aging for all adults over 50 years who want to reach the 100-year life.

NAD+ is the most important molecule for healthy aging. Low levels in cells leads to aging, but it also is found in all living organisms. It’s known for its ability to slow cellular aging, and can help humans achieve a 100-year lifespan. This means that NAD+ can help individuals live longer, healthier lives by boosting metabolism and restoring muscular conditions. It also has a plethora of other benefits including improving brain function and reducing pain. NAD+ is essential to everyone over the age of 50 who wants to live a full life.

We highly prefer to avoid fx fees.  If with there are absolutely no fees involved.

However, we can do STRIPE online credit card payments with a 3.9% fee or local currency at the bank rates accepted fx fee plus a 250,000 IDR fee for transfer.

We also accept bitcoin or USDT with an additional fee of $25.  

Why the fee?  Our labs are in the USA thus we need to cover our transfer fees.

Do NAD+ Infusions Really Work?

IV therapy is heating up the wellness sphere. Supervising investigative producer Leslie Marcus tries an NAD IV infusion, which claims to help with brain fog and insomnia. Hear her reaction to the IV drip. Did it live up to the hype?

Cognitive Functioning

The brain consumes 20% of all the energy used in your body. This means if you're not getting enough NAD+ you can expect: - Reduced mental clarity - Brain fog - Impaired focus and concentration - Reduced work performance In order to maintain your level of cognitive functioning, your brain needs to have a steady supply of energy. This means plenty of NAD+. NAD+ IV therapy can provide your brain with the resources it needs to maintain your level of cognitive function.

Fights Aging

There are many diseases that often impact older adults. Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and cancer are among the most common examples. The underlying cause of these diseases is tied to cellular reactions in your body. Defects in neurotransmitter signals, DNA repair, and more can lead to these diseases. NAD is a critical component for many of these cell reactions and as a result, NAD+ IV Anti-Aging therapy can help keep you healthy and fighting disease as you age.

Provides More Energy

What makes NAD+ IV Anti-Aging so effective? One of the main benefits of this treatment is that it can provide you with an increased energy level. The body generates energy in the mitochondria of your cells. These mitochondria carry out the electron transport chain, which leads to the production of ATP. The mitochondria need NAD to carry out this process. With NAD+ therapy, your cells’ mitochondria will have the resources they need to provide your cells with a steady supply of energy. This can help you restore your vitality, providing you with the energy you need to participate in the activities you love.

Cerebrolysin® Pricing

Cerebrolysin protects neurons and cortex from damage, reduced inflammation, promoted the formation of new neural connections (synapses), lessened cognitive impairment, and reduced the plaques and tangles common in Alzheimer’s patients.

When a brain injury occurs, Cerebrolysin®, a parenteral biological drug consisting of peptides and amino acids, is given to the patient by infusion. In this way, Cerebrolysin® reaches its place of action, the targeted tissue in the brain, directly and in full concentration.

Typical costs in hospitals abroad start at $7000 EUR.  So we consider DripDok's pricing very competitive.  

5 Day Treatment

5 Vials Cerebrolysin

$ 750 USD
  • Cognitive Restoration
  • Memory Improvements
  • Past TBI Restoration
  • Additional Vial Discount

10 Day Treatment

2-5 Vials Per Session

$ 1250 USD
  • Head Trauma Vicitms
  • Neuronal Growth
  • First Line Stroke Defense
  • Additional Vial Discount

Stim Detox IV Push

30 ml Cerebrolysin

$ 500 USD
  • Neuroprotective
  • Eliminates Oxidative Stress
  • Improves Cognition
  • Regulates Dopamine Reuptake

Cerebrolysin® Stimulates Neuroplasticity

One of the most important properties of Cerebrolysin® is the initiation and promotion of neuroplasticity, with its sprouting and synaptogenesis! Cerebrolysin® itself has neurotrophic factor-like properties.

It stimulates neurons and glial cells to produce neurotrophic factors like BDNF. These neurotrophic factors activate the outgrowth of axons and dendrites and trigger the formation of new synapses (neuroplasticity).

Neural Network Regrowth

Cerebrolysin® has neurotrophic factor-like properties l Cerebrolysin® stimulates neuroplasticity l Cerebrolysin® enhances new neural networks

Neural Network Regrowth

Cerebrolysin® stimulates neurons, glia cells and endothelial cells to express neurotrophic factors l Cerebrolysin® re-forms the neuronal network l Cerebrolysin® amplifies multiple processes of protection and neurovascular recovery l Cerebrolysin® increases neurogenesis

Neural Network Regrowth

Cerebrolysin protected neurons and brain slices from damage, reduced inflammation, promoted the formation of new neural connections (synapses), lessened cognitive impairment, and reduced the plaques and tangles common in Alzheimer's patients

Additional Comprehensive At-Home IV Treatments Offered

DripDok offers multiple at-home IV treatments that are pre-formulated by our world-class doctors and PhDs. 

At-Home Immune IV Treatment & IV Therapy

Replenish & Rehydrate

This at home dehydration IV treatmentiIncludes a blend of IV fluids and electrolytes with methylated vitamin B12 formulated for quick hydration, leaving you feeling revitalized and refreshed.

At-Home immune IV Treatments & IV Therapy

Immune Kick-Start

Includes a blend of IV fluids, vitamins, and antioxidants that can help cleanse your body and supercharge your immune system to fight off illness. Packed with high doses of glutathione, vitamin C, zinc, and B-complex.

At Home Metabolism IV Treatment Booster

Fat Burner & Metabolism IV | Catalyst

Includes a blend of IV fluids, electrolytes, L-Acetyl Carnetine, glutathione, zinc, and vitamins C and K to help boost your energy levels and fight off fatigue.

At-Home hangover IV Treatments & IV Therapy

Last Night (Hangover Cure)

Let's forget it ever happened. Utalizing bulk electrolytes and rapid re-hydration, anti-Inflammation, anti-nausea medication, and high dose B12 to restore your nervous system and get you ready for action.

Inflammation Remover At-Home IV Treatments & IV Therapy


A combination of IV fluids with high-dose vitamin C, zinc, and glutathione supercharge your immune system, remove inflammation and help you recover from illnesses faster.

At-Home Nootropic IV Infusion & IV Therapy


Includes powerful cognitive stimulation using a synergistic mix of sodium citicoline, low-dose glutathione, vitamin C, and methylcobalamin.

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USA Made High Purity Peptide Therapy

DripDok offers complete consultation and high purity peptides for recovery, immune system, thyroid health, fitness, longevity, healthspan improvement and more.

Request Our Full Peptide List & Pricing

We offer 100 different peptides that are affordable and free of TFA salts and guaranteed over 98.7% pure.  Contact our subsidiary company (MindTek) today to receive our price list.

TB500, BPC157, Epitalon, FOX04-DRI, PT141 and many more.  We work with you to develop a protocol and plan that is tailored to your needs.  Simply reach-out to discuss. 

We partner with well a respected peptide provider, producing peptides for over 14 years with 4 years of supply to Indonesia - MindTek.

We are able to provide high quality peptides at a low cost to our clients.  We offer services to educate you on how to mix, store and use your peptides OR if you are already a pro and/or have a plan, we simply can provide them to you with or without protocols.

Absolutely.  In fact, in some instances we are able to infuse them for you.  No matter where you are on your journey we are flexible and able to support you.

USA Medical Owned & Operated

Designed by expert MDs, PhDs and integrated health professionals and trusted by the elite. DripDok is your only source for true longevity & lifespan improvement infusions & therapies.

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