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Advanced, personalized regenerative medicine for optimizing your health-span.

"Dr Ant seriously knows his stuff, this guy. After 3 days, I felt like a new person, it is unbelievable. It's as if decades of bad choices on my body were reversed almost instantly "​

Tim F. Seminyak, Bali

The thing I like about DripDok is that this isn't a hangover cure basic as IV center. This is a man with insane academic understanding coupled with personal experience as well. Humble but results driven.

Chris D Canggu, Bali

I feel like I have less brain fog, more energy for my kids, more ablity to cope with stress, and the anxiety. It's the first time in years I don't need sleeping pills to get a great night's rest

Karen H Canggu, Bali

Been using DripDok for over one year. I have regular maintenance with NAD+ and since, I recover faster, think sharper, and feel incredible. Dr Close and his team are the only people I trust here.

Clint P Uluwatu, Bali

Ok no bullshit. NAD+ isn't the most comfortable thing you can have done in Bali. The first day was the worst. I literally felt it going after every part of my body that had suffered past damage. By day 5, I felt reborn. There's literally nothing I have infused, taken or done that has ever compared. Except maybe spirit molecule type stuff, lol.

Jimmy W. Umalas, Bali

After my hubby being addicted for over 14 years and losing all hope in life, The treatment was expensive but I have heard about his success and realized the cost of trying was less than the cost of not. My hubby had tried everything you can imagine. Dr. Close knew exactly what to do, how to explain it, and of course how to make it happen. God bless you and the lives your work with here - Indonesia is blessed to have you and your team.

Christina F. Jakarta, Indonesia

Dr Close listens. He's definitely takes you seriously. I paid for Ben Greenfield once and Dr Close gave me more than Ben did in one hour and didn't charge me anything. I couldn't join due to travels but I will be back - he's legit.

Andrew F. Ubud, Bali

I had been looking into getting NAD+ in Australia but it was so expensive and I wasn't sure how effective it would be... Took the opportunity whilst in Bali to look into DripDok - researched it all to ensure it was legit and safe. Dripdoc looked like the only legit clinic in Bali and after my pre-treatment consult call with Dr. Anthony where I asked a LOT of questions, I was confident in going ahead. The treatment itself was a bit uncomfortable but three days later, I'm feeling amazing. Waking up without brain fog, energized, sleeping well and just feeling the vibe with life! Yes, NAD+ is expensive - but 100% worth it.

Stephanie Perth, Australia

    Frequently Asked Questions

    At-Home NAD+ Infusions & More

    DripDok was the first in Indonesia to perform exosome therapy, Wharton’s jelly, NAD+ (2019), peptide infusions after over 3 years of clinical research and trials.  

    Monitored by a compassionate team of highly trained, knowledgeable medical clinicians.

    We are a data driven group of medical professionals and PhD’s with decades of experience established in blood analytical chemistry, physical medicine, chronic pain management and longevity sciences such as: NAD+, peptides, & other regenerative medicines. 

    As such, we are committed to advancing such research by utilizing patient improvements to measure results to ultimately improve patient outcomes. 

    Meet The Team Here

    DripDok was developed and founded by a Purdue graduate focused on molecular genetics and chemistry.  He holds a doctorate in physical medicine focused on chronic pain management and was in private practice for 15 years prior to DripDok.  In addition to completing courses at Harvard & MIT.

    Read more about his story of survival which lead to Dripdok here.

    In addition to, having over 15 years expertise in traumatic brain injuries, complex neurological disorders, and chronic pain management.
    We have a robust laboratory network and are able to source therapies that are of the highest grade, bioavailability and purity.

    We track, monitor and measure your progress but more importantly – we listen.

    Your health data and experience – drives the process.

    We also know that these compounds are very sensitive and expensive.  These compounds require extensive testing, high purification, specific storage and transport in order to be effective and safe.

    Moreover, we found that many other clinics had compounds that were non-biologically active, exceeded endotoxin levels safe for infusion and were stored and transported improperly.

    If you are going to have a substance infused into your body, best to have absolute peace of mind.  

    That’s the DripDok difference.

    We are mobile within Indonesia but based in Bali. 

    We can come to you or we will reserve a place for you in a villa near the Seminyak region.

    We are discreet as well.  If you would like to have a get away infusion that is private for detox or drug flushing – let us know and we will accommodate.

    In such cases, we usually suggest using a hotel under our name.  If need be, your information will be masked from employees within the company.  

    No matter your choice, your comfort and privacy is the most important part of the process.  

    If you need treatment in Jakarta – we do have the team to help however as flights and accommodation are needed for our doctor – please contact us first.

    Pricing ranges depending on the products, package and desired outcomes.

    NAD+ pricing starts at $250 USD.   You can learn more about pricing and protocols here.

    Exosomes only in the USA is $5,000 and up.  At DripDok it starts at $3,800. 

    Compare to NAD+ infusions in Australia, USA, and UK where they alone are approximately $4000 USD upwards (3-5 day infusions). 

    And that is only with NAD+.  Our protocols involve advanced Myers Cocktails and more.

    Why are we able to do it for so much less? 

    Owning the supply chain and not needing to purchase from third parties, in addition to, the lower costs of employment in the region and by remaining mobile we reduce overheads and pass that savings to you.

    We offer multiple methods of payment.  However, our preferred method is WISE.

    If you don’t have a WISE account and you are living abroad – click here to get your account set up.

    Trust us, as expats, you won’t regret having a WISE account.  

    We also crypto (USDT), and local transfer.

    Please note that crypto and local wires come with associated fees. 

    For crypto, the rate depends on the total bill amount but is typically around 6%.

    For local transfer a flat fee of 750K IDR is added.  

    Why is there a fee for local transfer? 

    Because the products we use come from labs in the USA, hence for our operational expense we must convert IDR to USD and then send overseas.  

    This is why we prefer WISE, it’s simple, the FX rate is always the live rate and it costs less than a dollar to transfer across borders.

    It starts with a discovery call that is between 30-45 minutes.  On this call we will find out your goals, current status, and past history.

    From there we will map your initial physiological state.  Depending on your needs and wants – you will be asked to do some simple blood tests to baseline your current internal status.

    From there we set the goals, timelines and outcomes so that we can compound the most ideal infusion tailored specifically to you and your chemistry.  This takes between 3-5 days on average.

    After, you will meet with the nurses and have the procedure explained in detail.  The nurse will then start the infusion, push or drip.  Depending on the your personal tolerance, package and procedure the treatment can be anywhere from 15 minutes up to 6 hours over the course of 3-7 days.

    We don’t just pop and IV in your arm.  We work with high level intent to improve your life experience.

    Before and after each procedure your vitals, objective metrics and subjective experience is documented and tracked.

    Your progress is shared with you in a secure format so you can easily see progress.  

    You are also able to interact with the doctors and nurses should any questions arise outside of treatment times.

    Read more about the benefits here.

    No.  Once treatment starts you need to be fully committed to the time frame and schedule.

    While we are flexible on shifting hours in the day (if permitted), you need to stay on schedule.  This means if you are on a five day infusion schedule – it needs to be five days in a row.

    We value our high quality results and the investment you are making.  So should you.

    NAD therapy is usually administered over a period of a few days for the best results, but most people experience increased mental clarity and improved physical sensations after only one infusion. The effects of NAD are noticeable almost immediately in most cases. However, for certain disorders or treatment of certain issues, there are results that may take some more time to notice. For example, in the case of anti-aging treatment, the effects of NAD IV therapy may take a few infusions before they become truly noticeable.

    For drug and alcohol detox it can reverse decades of damage and remove cravings in as little as three days.

    If using for substance detox you will need up to 5-10 days for full detox depending on your blood work, vitals and subjective measurements.

    For longevity, anti-aging and cognitive benefits you can expect major improvement in 3-5 days.

    Everyone is different and we treat you as such.  There is no one size fits all with this type of treatment.  

    We will measure and monitor you pre-treatment, mid-treatment and post-treatment to ensure you are realizing your optimal outcome.

    One of our doctors or qualified staff will assess your current goals, needs and wants. We will look at any health data you may have and allow to be shared so that we have a clear roadmap of success for your personalized protocol. The day before your first treatment we ask that you simply do not eat a lot of fatty or deep fried food or consume alcohol. 

    If there are any special considerations depending on your own personal needs we will be sure to let you know.

    You can read more here.

    Yes and a big one.  Many infusion centers claim they are infusing NAD however the plus (+) at the end makes a big difference.

    During our consultation we are happy to describe to you the differences and why this is an issue.

    If you had over 250mg infused into you within 15 minutes and didn’t cripple over in pain – then we are sorry t0 say you didn’t get the real deal.

    Read more here.

    DripDok protocols are tailored to you however our baseline treatments are 3 days, 5 days and 10 days.  

    Typically, 3 or 5 day protocols are used for those wanting all of the benefits NAD+ are able to provide.

    In cases of detox from substance abuse we often use 7 or 10 day treatments depending on the severity of abuse (length, amounts, substance, etc).

    For athletes or those seeking rapid recovery from training to have an elite edge we offer one day infusions which instantly create recovery for either competition or personal record setting.

    NAD+ cycles naturally every 14 days.  Our protocols are designed to address expected metabolic cycling.

    The data shows the longer the patient is on a maintenance plan the more they improve over time.  Typically we hear: “No brain fog, better focus, energy upon waking, better complexion, vision improvement, and gut improvement.’

    We understand financial burdens may exist.  This is why…

    Your Doctor will guide you on how to maintain your intracellular levels of NAD+ whether you are continuing IV maintenance with DripDok or not.

    We will advise you with supplements that will keep your NAD+ at normal physiological rates.

    However, with NAD+, the rate of the infusion is patient-specific. People receiving true NAD+ may experience an uncomfortable sensation in their chests, abdomens, heads or muscles.

    This is common and normal.  Most often it seems to affect 
    areas that have suffered from current or past inflammatory responses.

    Some feel anxious or feel warmth come over their body. When the IV push rate is slowed down, these sensations resolve in a few seconds.

    Over the course of treatments and as your body removes inflammation the rate can be graduially increased.

    We use a specific IV push infusion pump to track rate of flow, total volume utilized/remaining so that we can increase or decrease so that you have a quantified experience.

    Our stats show that rate of infusion can be increased by a rate of 0.5 – 1 ml per hour every 10 ml.  The starting rate it individually dependent.

    NAD+ infusion therapy is a very safe treatment option.  

    DripDok ensures the highest grade products are used.  We are also very precise regarding storage & handling of any compounds used.  

    Risks: Any IV treatment also carries a small risk of bleeding and infection at the site where the needle is placed in the skin or getting too much fluid infused. IV infusions may be a common medical procedure, but they are still a medical procedure.

    The second safety concern is where you are getting it, notes functional and integrative medicine practitioner, board-certified psychiatrist and fellow in the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, who uses it at her own practice. “They should also tailor your infusion treatments to you: It shouldn’t feel like you’re picking things off a menu. Your practitioner should look at your lab work, symptoms, and goals and create a protocol that is specific to your needs.

    Also we note that some patients may be sensitive to IV NAD+ therapy, specifically, and experience discomfort such as warming of the chest and nausea.

    <2% need to run to the toilet during treatment.  <5% need to vomit.  Almost all of these can be mitigated by slower rates of infusion and solid patient-to-nurse feedback.

    NAD+ should not be used if you currently have cancer or are in remission (last 6 months).  If you have a history of cancer (direct or family let us know as there are ways to still have a successful infusion if conditions are appropriate).

    After treatment, 90% of patients report no cravings, increased clarity of mind, better problem-solving ability, improved focus and concentration, increased energy, and improved mood.

    Compare this to traditional drug and alcohol rehabilitation success rates.

    The definition of “success” in traditional treatment varies but some sources report it as low as 5-10%.

    Where success rates drop are in already unhealthy populations and those that contract an illness during treatment.  In the case of illness, we stop and reschedule once you are recovered.  

    If we don’t think we can help, we will tell you.

    We offer the following:

    NAD+ BR Infusions
    Cerebrolysin Infusions
    Peptide Therapies
    IV Drips
    Customizable IV Drips
    Stem Cells

    The doctor will determine the best course of action to meet your needs/goals and will prescribe or review any relevant lab work prior to treatment.

    View real data from a patient pre & post-treatment

    We Prove It With The Data

    View the actual results of pre and post-treatment from a 31-year-old male undergoing a 5-day treatment plan with NAD+, NMDA antagonists, a modified myers cocktail, and peptide therapy.


    Products other IV clinics can't even dream of, let alone purchase.

    USA-based sterile room compounding, MD ordering ability at 503B, & high complexity labs meeting FDA guidelines.

    We have a dedicated partner team of R&D researchers and chemists ensuring the quality of our product and ensuring high-quality outcomes.

    Anyone can find B12 and Zinc and Glutathione – but when it comes to the new frontiers of longevity such as Amnio exosomes, 99% ultra-refined NAD+, cerebrolysin, & therapeutic peptides there is only one.

    Neurodegeneration, drug detoxification, prefrontal cortex upregulation, inflammation removal, and collagen remodeling.

    After synthesis our NAD+ is 3rd party HPLC and GCMS tested for purity.  After it is kept and transported in a deep freeze below -40 degrees, vacuum contained, penetrated with specific light wavelengths to avoid any degradation of loss of potency.  

    All NAD+ goes through an highly specialized ion charged semi-automated double filtration process ensuring we are we below FDA guidelines for endotoxins, spores, bacteria and more.

    We finish with a proprietary cocktail and flush that pulls more NAD into your cells, which helps wipes away anxiety, depression while easing PTSD symptoms in as little as 3-4 days.  We also use a mix of anti-nausea and anti-inflammation in small amounts to ease the process.  

    Read here to see why many clinics offering NAD+ are being misleading.

    Read More.

    We use a multitude of highly advanced and custom peptides that are on the cutting edge of human performance. 

    Rapid healing, senescence cell destruction, BDNF amplifiers, immune system iron cladding, and telomere regeneration are just some of the functions of these revolutionary peptides. 

    Using solid state synthesis we are able to custom manufacture any peptide that we can sequence.  We remove all TFA salts and follow best practice guidelines for handling, storage, mixing and more.

    If you are a DripDok patient – the Doctor is happy to consult with you as needed to ensure you are using your peptides properly and in addition help you plan out your next cycle.

    Fot patients that are only wanting peptide therapy.  There is a consultation fee associated with the service.  You can read more about it here: 

    Our high resolution vitamin cocktails for infusion are micro ionized using advanced ultrasonic filtering process for maximum bioavailability.

    Whether it be cyanocobalamin or a Myers Cocktail, you can be sure that its quality is paralleled to international standards.


    The nootropics that we prescribe aren’t your Tokopedia noots.

    We use highly purified, advanced compounds that are proven to not only work but be noticeable immediately.

    Increase verbal fluency, number recall, cognitive clarity (brain fog eradication), improved stamina and neurotransmitter upregulation are at the forefront of outcomes.


    The possibilities with DripDok are endless! Our combination of treatments has been shown to be helpful in so many conditions and injuries because it can regenerate new heart and blood vessel tissue, helping in the healing of skin wounds, preventing scar tissue formation, and reducing hair loss.

    Exesome, cerebrolysin, NAD+ & stem cell therapy also has an amazing ability for regrowth, which is now being used (or researched) in regards to the treatment of neurodegenerative conditions such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s; diabetes and other pancreatic dysfunctions; hair loss; vision impairment; cardiological conditions including coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, and congestive heart failure (ranked as the topmost cause of death in the US since 1900!); brain trauma, spinal cord injuries, and spinal stenosis; wounds and incisions after surgeries; orthopedic injuries and musculoskeletal issues.

    In addition, our founder Dr Anthony has suffered a broken C1, C5, C6, multiple broken ribs and over 12 other bones in a near fatal motorbike accident leaving his left arm completely paralyzed.  He has used these treatments not only over 1000 patients worldwide but on himself as well.  All this being said because this to him, this is a passion – not a business venture.

    The Elite Prefer Us. Here Is Why.

    My primary goal is to make my patients feel happy. And I do this by listening carefully during my initial consultations and finding a balance between what they want and what’s realistic. Honesty is my number one policy, so I provide an honest consultation - no matter how difficult it may be for me or the patient to handle certain topics. This kind of honesty will lead them to long-lasting success from infusions or other therapies. My end goals in life are always about making someone else’s - whether it be a client or a friend - lives better than before we met.

    NAD+ Infusions Bali
    Paul W Uluwatu, Bali

    I felt my focus and my clarity increased significantly. I’m feeling very calm and settled in my being, very relaxed, very inspired. I'm feeling very fit and healthy,

    NAD+ Infusions Bali
    Duncan S. Uluwatu, Bali

    I feel more supple, more physically agility, mental clarity and memory have improvement I feel more supple, more physically agility, mental clarity and memory have improvement...My 7 basic senses have improvement. I honestly think that some of my NAD+ improvements are due to a combination of NAD+ and the breath hold / breathing techniques founded by Wim Hof. Anyways, I'm more than happy with the results and top notch professional mobile service.

    NAD+ Infusions Bali
    Raven M Canggu, Bali

    I know that it is something great to make body recovery in any kind possible but remember everything has its process. Nothing is instant. So follow the process and you'll feel how good the treatment is for yor ur body.

    NAD+ Infusions Bali
    Arron M. Canggu, Bali

    I know that it is something great to make body recovery in any kind possible but remember everything has its process. Nothing is instant. So follow the process and you'll feel how good the treatment is for yor ur body.

    NAD+ Infusions Bali
    Ben Canggu, Bali

    Great improvements for sure. I started taking the supplements (Sans L theanine as it hasn't arrived yet) on [soon]. I slept through the night without xanax for the first time in years. I'm also dreaming more and recollecting those dreams.

    NAD+ Infusions Bali
    Tarrus Canggu, Bali

    Feeling of calm, enthusiastic for continuation of treatment. Prior injury discomfort during workout reduced by 80%. Elevated sense of confidence and wellbeing.

    NAD+ Infusions Bali
    Mark T. Canggu, Bali

    I noticed an overall Improvement. I was aiming for improvements in my digestion which I'm very happy with the result. I am excited to continue on with treatment. They are very professional and the information shared was clear and concise. They really do give a five star service

    NAD+ Infusions Bali
    Maruli T. Jakarta

    After the treatment I feel a lot more balanced in my health. Mood and digestion have improved markedly. The team was very professional. I am looking forward to ongoing treatment to improve my health. I think the peptide treatments are the treatment choice for wellness in the future

    NAD+ Infusions Bali
    Tim F. Seminyak, Bali

    The results are unexpectedly overwhelming, I felt like I haven’t had a sleep like this in years. The mind clarity allows you to be more productive right the next day after the first treatment. During the treatment the discomfort is bearable and worth the feeling that will come only few hours after the first session is completed.

      Your Aren't Average So Don't Settle For Average Infusions

      Injecting medications into your body is serious.

      It's not a novelty nor a menu selection of items, ever. That is why our doctors specifically design, safe plans around you and your desired outcomes.



      Renew Your Mind & Turn Back Time.

      The only clinic founded by researchers and doctors in Bali hailing from Stanford, Purdue, Harvard, & Johns Hopkins.  With plans developed specifically around you.  


      The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images and other material contained on this website are for informational purposes only. No material on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen, and never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.

      NAD+ Infusions Bali

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