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Advanced NAD+ IV Therapy

Renew Your Mind & Turn Back Time

Boosting with NAD+ IV infusions, we incorporate the anti-aging effects of our standard NAD treatment with a variety of vitamins, which then supercharges their therapeutic potential.

DripDok is the most trusted provider of true, high-quality NAD+ IV Therapy in Indonesia.  We will design your NAD+ protocol specific to you.  Below gives examples for what to expect budget wise.  

On average we are 40-60% more affordable than abroad.

Benefits include:

  • Increased metabolism
  • Increased energy, kills brain fog
  • Pain alleviation, tissue healing
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Alleviate opiate or substance withdrawal symptoms
  • Prevent and correct DNA damage
  • Increased anti-aging benefits

What is NAD+?

Press play to start off this podcast from Dr. Mark Hyman MD where they are discussing the benefits of NAD+ and more.  

It’s about a 3 minute listen and well worth it.  Plus if you enjoy his podcast please follow him.

If the podcast won’t play you can listen here:

It starts at 47:20.   Or click the …. left of the play button and select “play on spotify”.

NAD+ IV Therapy Base Pricing

Pricing per MG - please note that your plan will be tailored to your specific conditions, age, lifestyle, health history, bloodwork, and outcome goals.

250 MG | NAD+ Infusion

$ 350
  • 250 MG - Ultra High Absorption
  • At-Home Treatment
  • Unlimited Texting With Doctor
  • Supporting Medications
  • Highly Discounted Maintenance Pricing
  • Myers Cocktail & NMDA Antagonist

500 MG | NAD+ Infusion

$ 500
  • 500 MG - Ultra High Absorption NAD+
  • At-Home Treatment
  • Supporting Medications
  • Myers Cockatil & NMDA Antagonist
  • Unlimited Texting With Doctor
  • Highly Discounted Maintenance Pricing

1000 MG | NAD+ Infusion

$ 750
  • 1000 MG - Ultra High Absorption NAD+
  • At-Home Treatment
  • Supporting Medications
  • Unlimited Testing With Doctor
  • Myers Cocktail & NMDA Antagonist
  • Highly Discounted Maintenance Pricing

NAD+ IV Therapy - Protocol Examples

Here are some commonly prescribed protocols that address athletic recovery, tissue repair, anti-aging, neuroregeneration, and substance detox.


Single Infusion

$ 350
  • 250 mg NAD+
  • Myers Cocktail (Each Infusion)
  • Zofran & Metformin


3 Day Protocol

$ 1500
  • 3 x 500 mg NAD+
  • Myers Cocktail (Each Infusion)
  • Zofran & Metformin
  • Sodium Citicoline
  • B12
  • Glutathione


5 Day Protocol

$ 2700
  • 1 x 1000 mg, 4 x 500 mg NAD+
  • Myers Cocktail (Each Infusion)
  • Zofran & Metformin
  • Sodium Citicoline
  • B12
  • Cerebrolysin 10 ml


7-14 Days Depending On Severity

. Request
  • Dosage Patient Dependant
  • Myers Cocktail (Each Infusion)
  • Highly Discreet

How you know you need NAD+

You’re tired, achy and stressed out. More importantly, you have zero energy. That little bit of exercise you did yesterday? You didn’t even make it to the store before you had to take a nap. Your memory is failing and your thoughts are cloudy. It might be time for a NAD+ IV Infusion.

NAD+, one of the body’s most important substances needs boosting if it’s going to work properly – which is why we created the world’s first ever unique, proprietary booster infusion service based on this substance with our NAD+ IV infusion treatment. It combines the age- and brain-restoring benefits of our NAD+ Infusions with a proprietary, unique blend of vitamins and nootropics to supercharge its potential benefits, giving your body everything it needs for that little bit of extra push it craves in order to feel better and look better again.

So give our clinic a call today to get started!

How Does It Work?

Leverage your NAD+ IV Therapy in the most optimal way possible. 

We have compiled a PDF that runs through everything you will need to know and understand during your first and following treatments with NAD+.

You can download it here.

You can, however, it is typically not suggested unless you have been undergoing past therapy or taking NMN on a regular basis.  

There is a major difference between intracellular intake and extracellular.  We want to ensure you get solid, long lasting results.

Speak to our doctor about what is best for you.  Learn more here about the timeline of effects.

No.  We need to do the treatments consecutively.  In rare cases, we are able to adapt however, it typically means starting over.

We will work with you if you do need to change locations during treatment.

As with anything in the body, yes it does.  Like hormones, as you age, their is a natural decline.  The same goes with NAD+.  

NAD+ recycles itself every 14 days.  We offer highly discounted maintenance plans for those undergoing treatment and also provide self-supplementation support for those on a budget to ensure the gain you get - you keep.

Enhance Your Health with a Boost of NAD+

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD+, is a co-enzyme found in every cell of your body that plays an integral role in mitochondrial function and energy production. This powerful treatment called DripDok NAD+ Boost IV therapy restores low levels of NAD+, while the vitamins contained within this formula bolster the natural benefits of NAD+.

• Anti-Aging Benefits

• DNA Repair

• Increases energy levels, boost brain health

• Clinical studies show significant improvement in moods

• NAD+ helps to improve cognitive function

• Eliminate brain fog and be present for your family and work

• Doctors recommend NAD+ for anxiety, substance detox & more.

IV Therapy, IV Infusions, IV Treatment, NAD+

Advanced NAD+ IV Therapy

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