Cancellation Policy

Confirmed and Unconfirmed Appointments

If your appointment is confirmed at any time with one of our staff members, the below cancellation rules apply.

For NAD+ Therapy:
Once payment is made, compounding of short shelf life materials begins, and two-hour time slots are set for yourself (meaning we have let that time go for another patient).  You will be refunded 75% of your total invoice price.

For Peptide Therapy:
Peptides are custom ordered and made on most occasions and ship from the USA.  There are no refunds or returns on peptides once we have made payment to the lab (typically within 2-6 hours of your payment received).

Peptides or any medical equipment or medicines that have been shipped out will also not be refunded.

Cancellation – 24-hour advance notice. Cancel here.

Applies to only confirmed appointments.

We require at least 24-hour advance notice of cancellation to avoid cancellation fees. However, if your appointment is confirmed a fee will still apply.  For non-NAD+ treatments, you will be refunded 75% of your total invoice.

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