Measuring Your Outcomes

Understanding & Measuring Your Outcomes

Understanding that measuring your outcomes is critical for treatment success. One of the questions asked a lot is what can I expect to feel with these treatments.

The answer is two fold and person specific.  

First, one must differentiate between subjective “feeling” experiences and objective “non-feeling” experiences.

Subjective experiences include things like:

Feeling more energetic
Reduction in anxiety
Improvement in mood
Sleep quality improvement
Less brain fog
Improved recovery from training
Improved Cognitive Function
Assists in Weight Management
Better Verbal Fluency

Objective improvements (non-feeling) are items such as:

Reduced DNA methylation
Clearing out of beta-amyloid plaques
REM improvement
Increased mitochondrial respiration
Reduced inflammation
DNA repair
Neurogenesis and neuroprotective functions
Reduced senescence cells

Understanding & Measuring Your Outcomes

How do we differentiate?  Well, subjective is easy.  You will let us know.

The objective is helpful with a few things:

1. Wearable devices such as Oura Rings, Apple Watches, Fitbits, etc.  
2.  Blood work and other lab data

In additional measuring with tools such as:

Which is a free A ONLINE COGNITIVE OPTIMIZATION PLATFORM – helps you track different areas of your progress.

Lastly, we perform follow-ups (you must be willing to do them though) – pre-treatment, directly after treatment, one-month post treatment, and 6 months post-treatment.

From there we are able to run statistical analysis on all data and give you a report on what’s improved and why.
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