NAD+ And Wellness

While much of the research resides in the use of NAD+ for chronic, degenerative conditions, NAD+ may also be beneficial for both exercise performance and sleep, and along with its anti-aging benefits, contributes to overall wellness.

Athletic Performance:

With exercise, ATP (energy) is used by muscles, this depletes NAD+ and raises NADH levels. A 2010 study showed that using pycnogenol, a pine bark extract, supports the recycling of NADH back to NAD+ and raises NAD+ levels. Supplementation was given to both trained and untrained athletes in a small trial and it showed increased exercise performance and also  increased  “time to fatigue.” (Source 20

Better Sleep:

Improved sleep is a well-known benefit of NAD+ in the IV world and I’ve personally had similar results when taking Core Med Science’s Liposomal NAD+. This may be due to the role that both NAD+ and SIRT1 play in maintaining a balanced circadian rhythm. (Source 21) In addition, SIRT1 is found in “wake neurons” in the brain and as this sirtuin declines with age, it may impair wakefulness. (Source 22)

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