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Increase your Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor by as much as 600%. A well researched way to combat Stroke, Dementia, Parkinson's, Sleep Deprivation & Ethanol Induced Memory Decline and other cognitive issues.

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Cerebrolysin® Stimulates Neuroplasticity

One of the most important properties of Cerebrolysin® is the initiation and promotion of neuroplasticity, with its sprouting and synaptogenesis! Cerebrolysin® itself has neurotrophic factor-like properties.

It stimulates neurons and glial cells to produce neurotrophic factors like BDNF. These neurotrophic factors activate the outgrowth of axons and dendrites and trigger the formation of new synapses (neuroplasticity).

Neural Network Regrowth

Cerebrolysin® has neurotrophic factor-like properties l Cerebrolysin® stimulates neuroplasticity l Cerebrolysin® enhances new neural networks

Neural Network Regrowth

Cerebrolysin® stimulates neurons, glia cells and endothelial cells to express neurotrophic factors l Cerebrolysin® re-forms the neuronal network l Cerebrolysin® amplifies multiple processes of protection and neurovascular recovery l Cerebrolysin® increases neurogenesis

Neural Network Regrowth

Cerebrolysin protected neurons and brain slices from damage, reduced inflammation, promoted the formation of new neural connections (synapses), lessened cognitive impairment, and reduced the plaques and tangles common in Alzheimer's patients

Cerebrolysin® Pricing

Cerebrolysin protects neurons and cortex from damage, reduced inflammation, promoted the formation of new neural connections (synapses), lessened cognitive impairment, and reduced the plaques and tangles common in Alzheimer’s patients.

When a brain injury occurs, Cerebrolysin®, a parenteral biological drug consisting of peptides and amino acids, is given to the patient by infusion. In this way, Cerebrolysin® reaches its place of action, the targeted tissue in the brain, directly and in full concentration.

Typical costs in hospitals abroad start at $7000 EUR.  So we consider DripDok's pricing very competitive.  

5 Day Treatment

5 Vials Cerebrolysin (10ml Each Vial)

$ 750 USD
  • Cognitive Restoration
  • Memory Improvements
  • Past TBI Restoration
  • Additional Vial Discount

10 Day Treatment

2-5 Vials Per Session

$ 1250* USD
  • PTSD
  • Head Trauma Vicitms
  • ADHD
  • Neuronal Growth
  • First Line Stroke Defense
  • Additional Vial Discount
  • Additional Cost For Added Vials

Neural Inflammation

30 ml Cerebrolysin

$ 675 USD
  • Reduce Risks From Stimulant Usage
  • Eliminates Oxidative Stress
  • Improves Cognition
  • Regulates Dopamine Reuptake
  • 1200 mg Glutathione
  • 1500 mg Vitamin C

Advanced Peptides & NAD+ Infusions
Neurological Restoration.


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