What Does NAD+ Feel Like? Uncomfortably Awesome.

If you have ever had NAD+ you know that words really can’t describe it.

We’ve heard it feels like a:

CrossFit Workout
HITT Training
Sex/Orgasmic (Yeah, we raised our eyebrows too)
Elephant Sitting On You
Not So Bad
Does It Get Easier?

Yes, it does is that answer to that last one. And I’m going to explain why in a moment but first what is NAD+?

As we age, levels of NAD+ decline, so by the age of 50, we have lost 50% of our NAD+. This loss is accelerated when there is stress, inflammation, or toxicant exposure. The mitochondria supply energy to every cell in your body, so if you are feeling fatigued, have brain fog, digestive issues, extreme fatigue, or soreness after exercise, it may mean your mitochondria are struggling and could use the support of NAD+. NAD+ can also be helpful for sleep disorders, anxiety, chronic pain, and traumatic brain injuries.

But when getting injected intravenously the sensation can be uncomfortable. Read: What you can expect on your first visit.

It seems to be related to the amount of inflammation present in the area as well. For example, those with gut issues tend to feel it in the gut more and those with old head injuries will feel it there.

NAD+ infusions near me
Actual Patient Survey Data

The intensity of the feeling can be reduced by either lowering dosages or slowing the rate of infusion.

Our data proves that we work hard to ensure your comfort.

Typically 1000 mg can take 4-8 hours to be done in a comfortable manner. The first infusion is ALWAYS the toughest and if you have 2-3 in a row by the end you will most likely complete it in 1/2 the time or less compared to your first infusion.

500 mg can take between 2-4 hours on average with consecutive infusions being 1-2 hours.

250 mg can take between 1-3 hours on average and again half or less for consecutive infusions.

Here is more actual DripDok data over the course of 2 years showing the changes in pain over treatments. On average, this is leveled over 3 treatments (average). With 5 treatments the decline in pain was even more pronounced.

Do NAD+ Infusions Really Work? Powerful Data Proof From DripDok

Pain is really the wrong word. However, when doing the survey it tends to pull out or evict a certain feeling (i.e. making you remember the worst of it for more pronounced outcomes).

First Infusion – 5 Being Painful & 1 Being Not Painful At All

And finally on the last infusion (remember, 3 days on average).

Last Infusion – 1 Being No Pain, 5 Being Pain (Uncomfortable)

So you are probably thinking, “you didn’t really answer my question.” To put it more poetic, yes it does tend to not be the nicest thing in the world however how you feel at the end and beyond is also impossible to describe. The word “reborn” comes to mind.

As the first wave of NAD+ hits your system you can remember that it is there for a mission. NAD+ drives every metabolic process we have and without it, we would die in seconds. It is there to fight a battle and the discomfort you feel is temporary and can be reduced.

Your feedback during the process lets us dial it in.

And on a side note, if you have “had NAD+ before” and did it in 4 hours or less and didn’t feel it – then sorry to tell you but you might want to get your money back.

The compound is VERY unstable. In fact, crystalline NAD+ only lasts for 1-2 months depending on how cold it’s stored. The final liquid infusible version of NAD+ will only last for 30 min to 1 hour outside 1-2 degrees centigrade.

Which unfortunately makes it both expensive and hard to work with.

At DripDok our founder has a background in analytical chemistry and molecular genetics from Purdue University. Meaning that he understands the chemistry from start to end and this ensures that you get a safe, quality product tailored to your individual need(s).

Be careful in Bali, not everyone or everything has your best interest at heart when it comes to putting things in your veins.

DripDok is physician-owned and you will feel heard and you will definitely feel valued. You can ask our physician a question at any time and if you need something adjusted or changed – we will make it happen.

1) Do you need a referral? 

DripDok is a physician founded so all new intakes are reviewed and assessed prior to the appointment setting. We don’t accept everyone and every one is unique in their treatment protocol and home care.

Don’t take it personally if we can’t work with you – it’s 100% for your own health and wellbeing as some people are not suitable candidates (typically due to cancer).

2) Can I eat and/or drink prior to my infusion? 

You can eat and drink before your infusion, although eating junk food is not recommended.  Please refrain from drinking while undergoing treatment and eat clean for maximum outcome.

3) Are there any possible side effects? 

During the infusion, NAD+ can cause side effects such as nausea, brain fog, cramping, and muscle fatigue. However, these can often be relieved by slowing the IV drip. 

4) What is the recommended protocol or course? 

We recommend that you undergo infusions daily for 3 to 10 days, depending on your state of health. We will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that includes peptide suggestions, nootropics, and ongoing self-care to maintain health states achieved, at home.

Detox patients can take longer 7-14 days in some cases – not always consecutively.

5) Can I drive home afterward? 

Yes & No.

We recommend if having NMDA antagonists that you have a driver. If you came yourself we will require you to rest for 30-45 min prior to driving home. HOWEVER, we come to you so no need to worry. 😉

From the USA and coming to Bali and would like to have NAD+ BR therapy? Consider getting your hormones and neurotransmitters first. You can do it at home using www.labme.ai.

For anyone wanting to get started – please complete our intake survey here and someone will contact you within 24-48 hours.